New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 22 )

Paranormal video

Life is not like a roller coaster. Look at it as that and you will always have ups and downs. Certainly you’ve been through a lot in the past years. Of course, you and those with you have suffered. But that is only part of the story. Believe me, you were watched over and you were protected. All people are. Each and every one of the human life forms on Earth has its own protective system. You are forever safe even though, at times, you may think that your world is crumbling.” Almost an hour had passed while we sat there talking. I was still curious about many things as I shifted the direction of the conversation.“Gideon, tell me about G&M Enterprises. Do you still work for them? And Marla, how is she?” “All in good time,John,” he replied. “One phase of your life is over and another has begun. We have to work much more closely now. That’s why I am here today. I’ll have to leave soon. But I will be in touch with you again. Just read and reread the book I gave you. It is somewhat like a tour- guide,and provides pointers on how to navigate the oceans of life. I know you’ll enjoy it.” Gideon leaned back in his chair and looked at the clock on the kitchen wall. “Don’t tell me you’re leaving now,” I said. “You just got here. I need answers to my questions.” “No, John. You have all the answers. What you need to work on are the questions. Start asking the proper questions and you’ll be amazed at the brilliant answers you have.” “There you go again,” I said. “Always making statements with multiple meanings. Gideon, I’ve missed you and I hope to see you more often. By the way, would the children be able to see you if they were here in this room now? You said long ago that no one else could see you but me.” “Only if it’s necessary,” he replied,getting up from his chair. “They’ll see me eventually. So will others,too,when it’s appropriate.” “When will we meet again?” I asked, still reluctant to let him go. There were so many things to discuss. For example, I wanted some explanations as to why Mardai died at such a young age. “Sooner than you think, John,” he said and then as an after thought continued, “of course, you will understand more about your wife’s death and your future work, which even now, has already begun.” Gideon came over to me,shook my hand and proceeded toward the door. I showed him out and, as he went to his car, he waved once more. It all felt somewhat like a dream. Here he was again, and yet I was as calm as if it were a totally natural thing for the Gideons of this world to pop in and out of our lives. I could now hear the shuffling of feet and knew that the children were awake and would be down for breakfast shortly. I wondered what they would have said if they had met Gideon. I was to find out in an amazing way within the hour. To read the rest of the story visit

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