New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 15 )

Paranormal video

Amazing, I thought. He barely spoke to me a few hours ago, made an appointment, canceled it, and dropped off my gift book in the mailbox. And what a title — The AncientLight Within.Since I needed another good book to read, I was grateful for this one. I opened it,searching for the name of the publisher and author. There, printed on the first page was “The Ancient Light Within by the Editors of G & M Enterprises, The Big City, United States of America.” On the left, inside cover, hand-written in beautiful penmanship, were the words “To John with love and the respect that one student of life owes another.” The signature, however, was unreadable. While trying to sort out this confusing information, I uttered an old expression I sometimes use,“What man! Blast!” The children looked up in surprise from their play, and Malika asked,“Is everything OK, Daddy?” “Oh, yes,” I quickly said as I put away the book. Dinner first I reasoned, book later. After the children were in bed, I returned to The Ancient Light Within and flipped through the pages. I was familiar with the G & M Company, but wasn’t aware that they published books. The story slowly unfolded about a person who became successful after a long series of tragedies. He was led to follow the guidance that came from within him and had never given up. The hero’s example was an inspiration and a comfort to me. Putting the book away, I thought to myself that perhaps we all have the ability to turn disaster into triumph and poverty into plenty. Perhaps within us all is this “ancient light” that will guide us,if we just look for it in our hearts. With disconnected thoughts of that nature, I turned in to bed, forgetting books,forgetting encyclopedias, forgetting everything but the soft comfort of my pillow. Tomorrow would be Saturday and I so looked forward to weekends. To read the rest of the story visit

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