The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 26 )

Paranormal video

In a short while,we arrived in the Big City.It was, as always, impersonal. We parked the car and walked through the never-ending crowds to a waiting cab. Gideon handed the driver an address and a few minutes later we stepped out in front of a tall building on an obscure side street. We walked up to the door, entered the lobby and were soon on our way to the thirty-third floor. We stepped out into a long hallway. I took a few moments to straighten my tie and comb my hair. At times the winds of the Big City could be exceedingly fierce. At the end of the hallway was a large door bearing a sign that said: “G & M Enterprises, Inc., World Headquarters.” “These are the people you work with, right, Gideon?” He was a bit more relaxed now. “Yes,” he said.“It’s about time you got to meet my boss. There’ll also be another friend of mine here. You remember Marla?” “Marla will be here,too? Oh yeah, I forgot that she works for this company, too. It’ll be good to see her again.” There was that twinkle in his eye and I knew that he was back to his old self, again. He pushed open the door as we walked into a reception area that was both simple and, at the same time, elegantly decorated. There were paintings of strange symbols on the walls. A receptionist looked up and smiled. “Hello, Gideon, and welcome to our office, John,” she said. “You look well, Mary,” replied Gideon. “Won’t you sit down, please. Marla is here already. It will only be a few minutes,” said Mary. In a short while Marla joined us and we renewed old acquaintances. She seemed quite pleased to see me there. The receptionist left for a few moments and when she returned, she announced, “The chief will see you now.” She escorted us through the main area to an office with a sign on the door that read: “President and Chairman of the Board.” “Gee, Gideon, you know the big boss,” I teased. As the door opened he said, “You’ll enjoy this meeting,John.” We stepped into an office thickly carpeted in celestial blue. The office was luxuriously decorated and contained several lush plants dramatically placed throughout the well-lit room. On the far side was a large, ornate desk behind which sat a rather imposing figure. We walked over and Gideon proceeded with the introductions. “John, I’m pleased to introduce you to our chief executive officer. He is president and chairman of the board of G & M Enterprises.” I noticed a tremendous respect, but no fear in Gideon’s voice as he continued, “I want you to meet God.” To read the rest of the story visit

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