New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 88 )

Paranormal video

“Yes,” Marla joined in. “Ask God any questions you want. He never refuses to answer, although sometimes, He does not offer explanations. This can be frustrating, but that’s how you’ll learn.” “I’ve longed to see Him again,” I said. “There are so many things I want to know and, yet, all the questions I had are gone from my mind. This is ridiculous, you know.” Before either one could answer the receptionist came over and spoke. “You may go in now. The usual meeting room, Gideon.” “Thanks,Mary,” said Gideon as he stood up. Marla and I followed him down a well-lit hallway to a door marked “President and Chairman of the Board.” Gideon knocked, turned the door knob and entered. I followed behind Marla. The office was elegant and unpretentiously decorated and, if I remembered correctly,it had the same celestial blue carpeting. The large desk and the office files, however, were gone. Now it seemed more like a living room than an office. As we stood there, the door at the opposite end opened and in walked a beautiful young woman. I have seen many gorgeous women in my lifetime, but never had I seen one as ravishing as this creature approaching us. She must be God’s secretary or assistant, I surmised. She seemed to flow into the room with a grace usually possessed by royalty. Her long dress radiated with the colors of the rainbow and her hair accentuated the beauty of her face. This must be the most exquisite woman in the universe. Finding myself spellbound by her beauty,I just stared in awe. “Please sit,” she said with a gentle voice and a warm smile. We all made ourselves comfortable, Gideon and Marla on the sofa while I took the straight-back chair. The woman sat on the floor in front of us. This seemed rather odd, since there were other vacant chairs about. No one bothered to introduce us, but I assumed that was an oversight. I noticed Marla and Gideon looking at me with what could charitably be called amusement. I, personally, didn’t see anything funny in the situation. To read the rest of the story visit

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