Spirituality Information – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 59 )

Paranormal video

“I didn’t have to die, not on a cross nor anyplace else. As you can see, John, I’m far from dead. My followers, if you look over there,” as he pointed to Peter and Paul,“Were a group of pretty somber folks and I had to make quite an impression on them. I had to make sure they got the message and were going to teach others about the laws of life. They quickly forgot the ‘miracles and parables,’ but my so called ‘death and resurrection’ gave them the incentive they needed to spread the message. Naturally, after all was said and done, somewhere along the way their followers got everything mixed up. They started worshipping me instead of teaching and living what I’d taught them. The same thing happened to my friend here, Prince Gautama, or as he’s more commonly known,the Buddha.” The Buddha took up the conversation. “When I first began to understand the laws of the universe, I was sitting under a Bodhi tree. I thought how wonderful it would be to share what I’d found. But those who came after me interpreted and misinterpreted what I tried to say. You can’t even recognize some of the things I taught them. Well, there’ll be others of us who’ll keep trying. To raise ourselves higher, we must endeavor to raise the consciousness of the entire human race.” “Will you still help us then?” “I,Jesus and others, will always be with you to help, if you call upon us. Just believe that we’re with you, and there we are. No need for meaningless sacrifices and rituals. You have direct access to the Chief, direct access to any of us. Only believe and know that this is so.” Confucius came over and joined in the conversation. “Listen, John,” he said. “We’ve all been trying to say the same thing for ages. The Buddha’s message was love. Jesus exemplified this best. He taught about love. Love your God. Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Remember the Golden Rule? Love is the most powerful force in the universe. The whole thing is very simple. People must learn that they are all shipmates on the common voyage of life and that they cannot sink their shipmates without sinking themselves. Ask Gandhi over there and he’ll tell you. You must love without expecting anything in return. Ask God. He loves us exactly as we are. You should try love sometimes. Work on love, John. Don’t try to teach people how to love. Just show them by example.” To read the rest of the story visit http://www.spiritual-simplicity.com

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