The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 36 )

Paranormal video

“Yet,these signs are there for anyone.In your sleep you have signs and guidance through your dreams. In your waking time there are just as many helpful signs for your direction and well-being. Take for example,reading license plates on cars. Every once in a while, take the letters you see and form words. Pick the first words that come into your mind and see how often those words have relevance to your present situation.Once in a while, look at a billboard. Or, perhaps, a song on the radio gives you a hint. Open a book, any book, to any page and see what it tells you. There are ‘sermons in stones’ if you’d take the time to look, listen and be open to receive information.” A slight breeze arose and the sails billowed. The sound of the creaking masts joined with the ocean to create a beautiful windsong. I still had no desire, but just to sit there forever and hear God speak. I was now able to detect a faint, glowing light around Him. I’d seen this light before around Gideon, but for the first time I saw it around Marla, too. God continued.“Don’t think that you can only speak to me about sacred, holy or spiritual things. As you can see, I enjoy many things, even a cruise. Don’t be afraid to confide in me. I’m closer to you than the air you breathe.” While I had the opportunity I thought I’d ask one question about my future, since I could sense that our meeting was quickly approaching an end. “Lord,” I asked, “will my path over the next months or years be easier than it has been?” “The way you have chosen for yourself will be a difficult but glorious one. You’ll need all the strength and faith you can muster for what lies ahead. But you will come through it. For me to tell you more would deter you from the path that you’ve set for yourself. As you go through the months ahead remember that you’re never alone. Reach out and hold my hand sometimes. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps. Wherever you are, I’m there with you.” There was a sweet sadness about this very personal meeting. Gideon looked at me and said, “It’s time to go now,John.” “Do I really have to go?” I asked. God answered, “Yes, John, but remember what you have learned here today. You’ll need it.” Turning to Gideon and Marla, He said, “No need for John to worry about traffic today. Please make sure that he’s returned to his office without any problems.” He looked at me again and as He said,“Go in peace,” I felt as if I’d always known Him. The scene began to disappear.There was a brief silence then I found Gideon and myself, once again, sitting in my parked car. Marla was nowhere to be seen. Gideon whispered, “The Lord moves in mysterious ways,” and then he,too, was gone. Trying to compose myself, I sat there a short while longer. Then as one awakening from a dream, I got out and walked to my office. To read the rest of the story visit

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