New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 54 )

Paranormal video

“No, John. I quite understand.” A shadow of sadness crossed her face. Perhaps it was my imagination. However, the pull of that little village was so strong and I felt the need to be alone. “I can’t explain it, Marla. I just must be alone with my thoughts.” “There are times we all need ‘aloneness.’ Here, clip this remote control to your belt. The buttons on the main panel are duplicated on the remote. Remember, green for go,red to stop or to change programs. The white button is for me. If you change your mind about being alone, press the white button. I will come. There is also a small instruction sheet pasted on the back of the remote control in case you forget what to do or need further instructions.” “You’re sure this thing is safe, aren’t you?” I asked, more to hear myself ask than to be reassured. “Always safe, John,” was her reply. “Anything else is just an appearance based on your belief. Never forget that.” She leaned closer and kissed me on the cheek. Gideon and Theo sat quietly looking on. I closed my eyes again. This time I could see the village clearly. I knew I had to go there. A shrill sound broke into my stillness. The sound of a bagpipe, it seemed so near and, yet, so far away. Gently, ever so gently,I pressed the green button. The music seemed to come closer. Nothing else happened. I gradually opened my eyes. The restaurant, Marla, Gideon and everything else were gone. I was sitting under a large oak tree. Standing not fifty paces away a lone piper played away as the sun began to set. The mournful tune rang out across the hills and woods, and I knew I was visiting an ancient homeland. The peace surrounding me at that instant was indescribable. I soaked up every variation of the music into the very cells of my body. Time seemed to stand still, caught between a curious traveler and a Scottish village of long ago. The music came to an end, but I just sat there, motionless for a while longer. To read the rest of the story visit

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