The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 42 )

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“Don’t you have a sense of something important you must do in this lifetime?” he questioned. “Oh sure, doesn’t everybody? Survive—get through today so I can start over and struggle with tomorrow. Anyway, why didn’t you stay around to help me when I needed it? Why didn’t you tell me these things were going to happen? You knew, didn’t you?” “Of course, I knew. But if I had told you about them, you probably would have given up and never reached this point.” “This point isn’t much better than any of the other points along the way. As you can probably see, I don’t earn enough money to even feed my family. It’s all I can do to make ends meet. I’ve been struggling so hard, but there never seems to be any progress. All I do is struggle.Why are bad things happening all the time, Gideon?” “Bad things happen sometimes and good things can happen most of the time. It’s how you look at it, John.” “There you go again, more riddles. Why don’t you answer my questions? Haven’t bad things ever happened to you?” “Yes! Unpleasant things happened to me many times. But that was when I wasn’t aware of who I was and all the power I had at my command. It was only after I realized that I was both the giver and the gift, the creator and the creation, the teacher and the student, that I learned to change the things that you call circumstances. Life then became much more fun. You think that you have had tough times! Let me tell you about tough times! “It was another time and another place, thousands of your earth years ago.It was the time of the Israelites and the Midianites. For some reason, the Midianites had conquered my people and we suffered terribly. For seven long years the Midianites would move across the land and destroy everything in their path. They took our sheep and cattle, our seed grain, all they could find. They killed our men, raped our women and enslaved our children. In spite of all that, we maintained our faith and kept on struggling. To read the rest of the story visit

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