New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 97 )

Paranormal video

“Children meet God more often than adults do. Yours see Him everyday. But today, they won’t be able to see Him here. His main business is with you. Marla and I have made some other arrangements for Malika and Jonathan. They’ll both be spending the night at their friends’ home.” “I’ll have to tell them about this.” “The arrangements have already been made, so don’t worry, just go about your work as if nothing’s happening,” he said. “As if nothing’s happening? Oh, sure! God’s coming to my house and you tell me to do my work as if nothing’s happening?” He interrupted again.“You seem to miss the point, John. God has always been at your house so, why make such a big fuss? The only difference is that this time, you’ll be aware of His Presence. Your house or the Headquarters of G&M Enterprises, what difference does it make?” “I’ll be ready, Gideon,” I said. “See you later, my friend,” he replied and hung up the phone. Before I could collect my thoughts, the children came in. They had been playing outdoors for the past hour and, since it was close to lunchtime, I assumed they were hungry. “You ask him, Malika,” coaxed Jonathan with an impish grin. “Daddy,” said Malika, “would you let Jonathan and me stay over at Lisa’s place tonight? Lisa’s brother, Mark, will watch a movie with Jonathan. They’ll be real good, Daddy. Lisa and I will keep an eye on them. Please, Daddy,can we spend the night, please?” They both seemed so excited. “When did this come up?” I asked. “You didn’t ask my permission before.” “Mark and Lisa just asked us a few minutes ago. They said that it was okay with their parents,” answered Jonathan. Naturally, I granted them permission and immediately called Mark and Lisa’s parents to confirm these arrangements. Around 3:00 o’clock, Malika and Jonathan packed their little overnight bags and went next door to spend the evening with their friends. I was left alone to wonder about the correct procedure for entertaining God. This was insane. To read the rest of the story visit

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