The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 32 )

Paranormal video

As the shimmering stopped, I glanced around. We were on the deck of a large ship with no land in sight. As far as the eye could see there was water—blue-green and beautiful. The gentle wind and serenely rolling waves were soothing therapy. God smiled at me and said, “I thought a change of scenery would do you some good, especially since you love the ocean so much.” The vessel was a tall ship replete with sails and rigging. There didn’t seem to be anyone else aboard and I wondered who was sailing it. “Where is the crew, Lord? Such a large ship must surely need a crew.” “Not this time, John,” He said, “We’re using a form of energy called ‘celestial power’ for navigationIt’ll be a few more centuries before your scientists discover its existence.” We pulled up a few deck chairs and sat facing the wind.It was a delightful setting, to say the least. How quickly one becomes accustomed to miracles, I thought. “There really aren’t any miracles, John,” God said softly. “If you understand universal laws, you’d understand so called miracles.’Everything works according to universal laws. Know the laws and your knowledge becomes power. Yet, even power requires the use of wisdom.” Next to us on a small table sat a basket brimming with fruit. There was also a pitcher filled with fruit juice.Gideon reached over and poured himself a glass. “Try some, John, it’s good,” he said. He poured me a glass of the most delicious fruit juice I had ever tasted. Marla took a banana instead. I glanced at God to see what He’d do. Surely, He didn’t eat nor have need to. God picked up a plum and bit into it. He looked at me, winked and said, “I don’t have to eat, John. In the cosmic sense, neither do you.But it’s enjoyable, at least most times, if done properly and in moderation.” I couldn’t quite understand what He meant by not having to eat. He continued, “You see, on earth you have a physical body made of elements that are a part of the very earth itself. Your body is a marvel of engineering. I designed it to be relatively self-sustaining and self-correcting.

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