Grateful For The Changes In My Life Since Watching The Secret

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I’m writing this article to discuss how the ideas in The Secret have dramatically changed my life. Please note that I am not associated with this movie in any way, but like so many others am just thankful for that incredible moment of “aha” it gave me. We’ve been given a great gift from Rhonda Byrne and I hope everyone takes advantage. Here is what has happened since watching the movie. For starters, I recently accepted a commission for a single painting that is 10 TIMES GREATER than the total income I’ve earned from my art over the past five years! I am also working on coauthoring a book with several established writers. This painting commission and the idea for the book just seemingly dropped into my lap out of nowhere and I’m receiving new ideas for very fulfilling career possibilities every day. I simply have to choose which ones I really want to pursue. I’m not sharing my experience to brag. I just want to make it clear that we can all have what the teachers of The Secret have promised – a rewarding, abundant life that we consciously create. Read on if you want to know more about the steps I have taken to create this dramatic change in my life. While first watching The Secret four months ago, I got as excited as a kid thinking about the possibilities that the movie offered. But I needed additional resources to begin practicing the ideas from the movie. I then read a copy of the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and knew I had a real treasure in my hands. But I didn’t really understand many of the concepts and didn’t know how to implement them in my life. That’s where Bob Proctor (from The Secret) stepped in. He is a living master of the principles in the Science of Getting Rich. His insights from nearly 40 years of studying the book are the true gem in the Science of Getting Rich (SGR) program that I’ve been using to master the law of attraction. The SGR seminar has inspired me to take massive action over the last two months – action that I had previously been afraid of. The importance of action was not emphasized in The Secret and has been a major point of criticism for the movie, especially since all of the teachers agree that we must take action to achieve the life we want. After studying the SGR program, I was ready to do and act in the “certain way” and take the actions needed to manifest incredible changes in my life. Of course, I’m just in the beginning stages of all this, but I’m excited about the changes so far and what lies ahead. I also have to mention a book that has helped me greatly. It’s called The Passion Test and it forced me to really zero in on the things that I am passionate about in my life. I’m not associated with the Passion Test in any way – I just think that this book is invaluable to anyone trying to take the first step in determining what it is they really want in life. This is so important because it’s impossible to visualize what you want (and ultimately receive what you want) if you don’t really know what you want in the first place. I hope that this information helps you in some way, since this is my primary goal in everything I’m pursuing now. And I’m so grateful to be part of a growing global consciousness that wants the entire world to be abundantly wise, happy, healthy, and prosperous!

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