New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 36 )

Paranormal video

I realized how upset I had been. Those people and events that made me angry were all in the past. It was only my memory of them that was making me miserable. I hardly ever lock my keys in the car. This didn’t happen accidentally; there are o accidents. But now I must actively do something. I gently placed the kitten on the hood of the car as I tried the door once more. Locked tight. I leaned back on the door, closed my eyes for a few seconds and pictured myself driving home. Information flashed through my mind — a ridiculous feeling to try the door again. I turned around to look at the kitten, and there she was, quietly watching me. I tried the door again, but still no luck. It’s a four-door car that I drive. The electric switch locks all the doors at the same time, so it was useless trying the other doors. Nevertheless, I tried them all. It didn’t help. I was about to call a cab to take me home for my spare key when the kitten jumped off the hood and ran under the car. “You’ll get yourself killed,” I pleaded. “Come on over here.” Quietly she walked back to me. I picked her up scolding, “I’ve a good mind to lock you in the car until your owner comes,” not thinking of what I was saying. At the same time,to show I meant business, I reached over and lifted the handle on the door. There was a click and the door flew open. I just stood there, my jaws as wide open as the door. I had tried that door so many times. I placed the kitten on the back seat while I lifted my bag of groceries from the hood. When I turned around,the kitten was gone. I looked all around but could not find her. Perhaps, she had returned to her owner.I breathed a great sigh of relief. To read the rest of the story visit

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