The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 35 )

Paranormal video

“It’s true,”replied God, “that anytime is a good time, but you must know if it is the right time. Winter is a good time, but do you plant roses in the snow?A stormy day is a good day, but is it a day for sailing or fishing? There are cycles in the universe, the world and your life.Learn to find the cycles and use them for your benefit.Projects begun at the right time will be much more successful than if started at any other time.” “Sounds something like astrology. Is there really anything to that stuff?” “I love puzzles—crosswords, jigsaws and many other kinds. You have many puzzles in your life. Things would be dull indeed without challenges. But although the puzzles are challenging, you’ve been given clues. You have many guidance systems for your earthly life. Since ancient times, sailors have used the stars for navigation on the high seas. You,too, could use the stars for navigation on the seas of life. How do you think those Three Wise Men from the East found our little baby Jesus? Don’t you remember the story? They studied the heavens. They saw a star and they were able to correctly interpret the signs. Call it astrology, celestial navigation or whatever you please.” “Can the ordinary person use these things for his own guidance?” I asked. “Even today,” He said, “there are many who guide their paths according to the signs they read. These signs, astrological or otherwise, weren’t given to you as crutches, but as guideposts. They don’t determine or predestine what will happen to you. You do that. They only point the way. You have to do the traveling. Don’t confuse the map with the territory.” “Most of my animals are more aware of cycles and signs than humans are. Notice how they seem to be aware of approaching storms or earthquakes. They don’t block out the messages they receive. But you, the epitome of My creation on earth,have filled yourselves with so much doubt,worry and fear that you can’t hear yourselves think. You can’t even hear Me speak to you. You even choose to ignore the signs I’ve given you. To read the rest of the story visit

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