Vedic Astrology – More On Saturn And His Aspects

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In Vedic astrology, the three most outer planets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn each cast a special aspect. The word aspect is actually not very accurate. Like many Western words that try to convey Eastern concepts, the actual word is “drishti” which means “look” or “glance”. For you see, in Vedic thinking, culture and cosmology — the planets are beings of intelligence that have been around since time immemorial. Their movements and energies are not just relevant as “archetypes” – they represent real forces, eternal forces of the universe that transcend our 80 to 100 year lifespan. They connect us to that eternal, cosmic nature that we forget here on the flat Earth in which we live in our day to day lives. Each of these planets are bodies of light that can “see” in different directions. Saturn sees 3 signs in front and 10 signs in front. That is his special look. This look conveys the essence of his nature. With Saturn occupying Leo he will be “watching” the sign of Libra and the Sun of Taurus for the next two years, both ruled by Venus. If anyone has planets in Sidereal Libra or Taurus, Saturn will also be watching them. Regardless, wherever those houses fall in your Sidereal / Vedic chart will be under his watchful eye. Saturn aspects create trouble by shattering our illusions around the things he sees. Sometimes this results in losing the thing entirely, other times we may just worry about it or have to put forth immense effort in order to maintain it. This process of worry/effort/potential loss forces us to either deepen our commitment to it, or let it go. This is why we tend to lose things when Saturn starts moving. He tends to push things to a point of seriousness where they either break or we have to work to improve them. There’s a great story about Saturn aspects, Saturn’s “looks”. Once, Lord Shiva and Parvati after having their first child Lord Ganesh, held a party and invited all of the gods, Demi Gods and Planets to participate. It was a beautiful celebration except one of the planets, Lord Saturn, seem to be kind of depressed and moping in the corner (go figure!) – in fact he would not even look at the beautiful Ganesh. Now, the planets are powerful — but they are not as powerful as the gods, especially the mighty Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti, Parvati. So the great goddess upon seeing Lord Saturn unmoved by the festivities asked him why he was not participating. Saturn replied “Great Goddess, your child is beautiful and I do not want my looks to ruin that beauty – a glance from me is not always welcome”. “Nonsense!”, declared Parvati, “I insist you look at my child immediately!”. At which time Lord Saturn gaze gently at the beautiful Ganesh. No sooner did Saturn look at Ganesh, then did the beautiful boys head falloff!! One look from Saturn decapitated Ganesh. Lord Shiva went to find a suitable replacement head and was said to have found the head of one of Lord Indra’s elephants – and so Ganesh was given this elephant head. And so it is said that the Saturn aspects can be more difficult than the Saturn conjunction. So this means, for the last couple of years Saturn has been looking at the signs of Sidereal Virgo and Aries. Does that speak to anyone?

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