The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 48 )

Paranormal video

“Is it like a super headquarters from which the Almighty manages his universe?” I blurted out still curious, like a child with a new toy. “It’s only headquarters for one universe. There are many universes and each one has its own support system. Ours and yours is System 22.” “How many universes are there altogether, Marla?” “How many grains of sand are there in the desert? How many stars in the heavens?”she quickly replied in answer to my question. We were all quiet for a while. I could ‘hear’ the sound of the wind as it quietly moved through the leaves above me. “Then there must be other civilizations and people on other planets and star systems?” I asked. “Yes, John,” Gideon responded. “There are many life forms in many universes. They were designed to live in harmony with one another. Similarly, on earth there are many life forms, each unique and having its own special place in the scheme of things. Just as the ant is able to co-exist with the elephant, mankind should be able to co-exist with one another and also with the various other life forms.” “Are some of the other civilizations more advanced than ours, Gideon?” “‘Advanced,’is not the correct word. It would be more accurate to use ‘aware,’ but for illustrative purposes let’s use advanced.’ Are some life forms on earth more advanced than others, more highly evolved, if you will? Of course there are. Similarly, in the universe there are some civilizations far more advanced than yours. Also, there are others far less evolved.Some are truly energy or light beings, having no need for a body as you know it. They’re so aware of their infinite power that they create whatever they may need out of pure thought. “Others are not as mature and still indulge in wars and other less evolved behaviors. But they are all children of the First Force and they’re all striving in one way or another to achieve unity of purpose with their Creator. It’s the same Creator who made you and us—The Chief Himself. We have instant access to Him.” “Would it be possible to see Him again? I mean, like I saw Him that time in the Big City?” I stammered. “That’s the purpose of the trip to System 22. In a few more days we’ll make a trip to our Universal Headquarters. There the Chief will speak with you again and you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want. Think and reflect on what you’ve heard tonight. We must take you back now, but when the time comes for the journey we’ll let you know.” There was a hissing sound and a flash of light. I turned over and was wide awake in bed. Marla and Gideon were gone. Of one thing I was sure, however, it was not a dream. To read the rest of the story visit

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