The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 45 )

Paranormal video

A week had passed since my last meeting with Gideon and Marla. Christmas was only a few days away and we, like many other families,were preparing for the occasion. Barely able to afford a tree, we settled for a sorry-looking specimen and spent most of the remaining weekend hanging ornaments,lights and decorations. Tired but pleased that we were able to make the most of what we had, I fell into bed exhausted. I must scarcely have fallen asleep when, all of a sudden,I was wide awake again.Being awake this time, however, was somewhat different. I appeared to be floating in the air.Disorienting as this seemed at first, I somehow felt a sense of curiosity and freedom. Gazing down, I saw my body lying peacefully asleep between the sheets yet, I was vibrantly awake, conscious and able to think. I peered around me and found the room as I knew it.I seemed to have a body, but it was much lighter than the one I was accustomed to. Perhaps I had died, I thought, yet I felt more alive than ever. I was beginning to panic when a voice from within my head seemed to speak. “Look behind you, John,” it said. Immediately I turned around and saw Gideon and Marla. “Don’t be afraid, my friend,” said Gideon,“You’re experiencing what’s called an out-of-body situation. Your body is this state we’re able to travel farther and faster and, of course, more efficiently than if you’re in the physical body.” Still a bit unsure, I asked Gideon, “Are you really sure it’s safe to be out of my body like this? I mean, isn’t there a danger I might not be able to get back to it?” “Not at all, John. You’re perfectly safe. As a rule, most people do this during their sleep. However, most don’t remember it when they wake up in the morning.” “What’s the point then? Why am I doing it?” To read the rest of the story visit

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