Utilize All Senses For Memorization

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A person acquires learning not only because he reads a material but because he uses the different senses in his body which are all important in making him understand, expand and retain the information. Like every other individual, we are all able to understand, learn and use a piece of information because we put all our learning senses in to use. We see, hear, smell, feel and even taste a bunch of things in a day. Each day also, we learn new and interesting facts of life. Add interest and focus to it and you’ll get a surefire approach to learning and memorization. One may wonder why even with all the information we’re able to read through and look in to, remembering or memorizing single information sometimes doesn’t seem to work right. It’s not because we’re too occupied with so many things at once, it’s just that, we don’t use our senses to convince ourselves that learning can be done simply by utilizing what we already have. Take for example when you’re looking at an article of a magazine. Your brain may retain details that you see in a glimpse but most likely, these are the ones that only appeal to your attention. Try reading something you haven’t read before. On the process of doing this, use your senses so the percentage of retaining the material becomes high. You can say it out loud. As you do this, listen intently to what you say. Try to imagine the details from the material you read. Imagine the scent, the colors, the sound and even the texture. Try to imagine what you hear according to what you read. Imagine the roughness or smoothness of the objects mentioned; the shapes and sizes. By allowing yourself to take you to the exact scene of what you’re reading, you invite impressions of all sorts in to your mind which makes it distinct and even easier to recall. The result of this is a better memory and memorization proficiency.

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