New Age Spirituality – Morning Has Been All Night Coming ( Part 89 )

Paranormal video

“Well, John,” said Gideon. “What are you thinking?” “Thinking? I’m not really thinking about anything. Why don’t you introduce me to this beautiful lady?” I asked. “Oh, I’m so sorry,”replied Marla. “I thought you knew her. You’ve met many times before and she knows you. John, please meet God.” “God?” I stammered, looking at the lady sitting so quietly on the floor before me. “God? You aren’t God, are you?” Her voice was music itself as she answered. “It must have puzzled you that I’m in the form of a female today. You’re so used to thinking of me as male. I just returned from visiting a culture where I am thought of as Mother God instead of Father God. There are a number of such cultures, you know. But if it would make you feel more comfortable, you could see me as male. It really doesn’t matter to me. I am male, female, neither, both, whatever.I am everything. There cannot be two everything.” By this time Marla and Gideon were laughing. Gideon managed to compose himself first. “Please forgive us, John,” he said. “We felt that this setting would prove to be interesting to you. It was God who suggested it. Sometimes it’s fun bringing humor and a slightly different perspective into life.” I was appalled at their seeming lack of respect in the presence of God. In many of God’s churches, laughter was not looked upon with favor. Centuries ago, you would have been burned at the stake for such behavior. The voice of God interrupted my thoughts. “John,” said She,“most people misunderstand me. This is a happy universe. I created it so. I wanted all my creation to be joyous. Although I am God, sometimes even I can’t understand why people are so scared of me. Of course,some of your churches have been teaching their followers that I am a vengeful, angry being, that I’m ready to punish anyone for even the smallest infraction of rules I don’t even recall making. It’s silly, of course. Come now, we have a lot to talk about.” To read the rest of the story visit

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